Our Votes Are Made For Rockin'

Rock the Slut Vote, has come out with a new fabulous video! We dare you to watch it all the way though without smiling. Together, let's get the vote out!

About Rock the Slut Vote:

Our mission is to fight the GOP effort to bully, subjugate and silence women. We will wrest the power from the word slut and help women get informed, get involved, get registered and vote.

We are you. We are your sisters. We are your nieces and aunts. We are your best friends. We are your wives and partners. We are your daughters, mothers and grandmothers. We are the men in your lives who love and respect women. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Join us — put on your boots and your dogtags — Go Forth, Raise Hell, and Rock The Slut Vote in 2012.