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Post-Rally 2014

Feminist Majority Foundation: Hundreds of Activists Rallied for the ERA This Weekend

Pre-Rally 2014

Liberty Tree 9/13/14: Join Liberty Tree at the We are Woman Rally!
Minneapolis Star Tribune 9/12/14: Equal rights for all: What's not to like?
USA Today 8/12/14: Fight to ratify Equal Rights Amendment draws new interest

Corporations are now people (with religious freedom, no less), women, not so much. Jack & Deborah from Progressive Radio Network interviewed Alaina LaTourette, Vice President and Co-Chair of We Are Woman on Monday, August 18th. Their exciting discussion ranged from the recent abomination known as corporate personhood, a fiction created by the corrupt majority Supreme Court, to the fact that after 91 years of effort, women are still not officially protected as equal to men (and corporations) under the US Constitution, and hear Alaina define what true reproductive justice would look like if all women’s reproductive health and rights were honored and supported.

Post-Rally 2012

Articles and Blogs:

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Ms. Magazine 8/23/12 Remember in November: Scenes from We Are Woman Rally
The Churchmen's Voice 8/23/12 The Churchmen’s Voice, Mansplaining and Mormons

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Pre-Rally 2012


Aired 8/14/12 Several of the organizers of "We are Woman" speak with Don about this Saturday's planned march in Washington DC. What do they want the nation to know about their cause? This interview features Alaina La Tourette, one of the four founders of We Are Woman.

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Articles and Blogs:

CSPAN: 8/18/12  We Are Woman' Rallies Supporters of Women's Rights
Ms. Magazine: 8/17/12  Did You Know? You Should March for Women’s Rights Tomorrow?
Fem 2.0: 9/15/12  Protest Women As Sluts and Farm Animals
Huffington Post Politics: 8/9/12  Why Don't You Know About Women's Rights Protests in the U.S.?