Our Team


Vice President & Co-Chair

LaTourette grew up in Synanon, an experimental community, where she was raised to identify people as individuals rather than differentiating by race, gender, or religion. Those values influence her everyday life, parenting, advocacy, and activism. She believes when cultural and social attitudes, along with the law, restrict reproductive rights and fail to protect women we are oppressed. The freedom to decide what happens with and to our bodies gives us control over our lives and makes us EMPOWERED.

President & Co-Chair

Wendy Cartwright is a long time activist. Women are not a special interest group and voting is a right. One of the founders of We Are Woman, Wendy believes strongly that no one should be afraid to stand up for his or her rights and beliefs. It is our responsibility to win this war on women and voting for those who came before us, and the next generation.
Secretary & Treasurer

Jacqueline Nantier-Hopewell started her activism in middle school in 1969 when she challenged the school principal on the policy against girls wearing pants. After many years of working in the legal field helping women collect their past due child support, she became involved fighting the war against women. She has served in many capacities organizing rallies and helping to get the ERA passed. She is a lead coordinator in charge of fundraising for We Are Woman.
Core Team

Media & Public Relations 

Kimberley A. Johnson is an author, blogger and an activist for women’s rights. Her latest book on the importance of voting, American Woman, will be released in the summer of 2014. Her entry into the women's rights movement began when she was asked to be the spokeswoman for RTSV United during the 2012 election season. She is also well known for her outspoken stance on the need to enshrine women's rights into the U.S. Constitution.
Social Media Coordinator

Jennifer Rao started getting involved in activism around the time congress wanted to shut the government down over funding for Planned Parenthood. Those attacks really bothered her since it was a clinic similar to Planned Parenthood that saved her life when she was in her early 20's. Over the next few months she looked at several different groups and finally came across We Are Woman and has been working with them ever since.