The Four Funniest Responses to the War on Women

by Jessica DelBalzo

Abraham Lincoln said, “I laugh because I must not cry.”

Surely, the War on Women is enough to bring any self-respecting woman to tears. One might even say that attitudes of paternalism and misogyny are nothing to laugh at. However, many women (and some men) have come up with clever ways to use humor as a weapon, roasting conservatives with hilarious tactics that illustrate the absurdity surrounding their efforts to deny us our basic freedoms. What follows are some of the funniest ways women are fighting back.
  1. Crafting for a Cause: Feminist knitters and crocheters have joined forces to provide “A Uterus for Every Congressman”. Using simple patterns, volunteers are organizing to deliver wombs and vulvas to the politicians who are obsessed with policing them. The theory is, of course, that if these men had their own lady parts to focus on, they might decide to leave ours alone.

  2. Making a (Funny) Point with Counter-Legislation: When they finish their terms in office, legislators like Oklahoma Senator Constance Johnson, Ohio Senator Nina Turner, and Virginia Senator Janet Howell may want to take their comedic show on the road. Illustrating the ridiculousness of proposed “personhood” amendments and ultrasound laws by proposing similar legislation aimed at men's vasectomies, Viagra prescriptions, and masturbatory habits, these women have given us a show of solidarity that nets a big smile from women's rights activists.

  3. Handy Flowcharts: After political pundit Rush Limbaugh called birth control advocate Sandra Fluke a slut, feminist allies Tim Murphy and Ben Breedlove decided to simplify things with a convenient chart. Simply answer the questions as you go, and you're on your way to determining your own slut potential. If you're less into charts and graphs and more into cute kitties, you can opt for the click-through quiz instead. Here's a hint: if you're reading this, you're probably a slut.

  4. TMI Facebook Campaigns: The male legislators who want to pass laws restricting birth control and preventing abortion are obviously quite concerned about the state of your uterus. Until you can knit them their own, consider giving them an update about yours via Facebook. That's what hundreds of bold women did to Rick Perry, Ryan McDougle, and others. While this particular tactic is unlikely to do anything but annoy those pesky politicians, it's a fun way for women to fight back against the men who want to legislate their bodies.
Did nosy state or federal representatives inspire you to create a funny graphic or write a funny article? Share it with us. Fighting the War on Women requires strength, time, and dedication, but a good laugh can motivate us onward!