Today's Reason For Marching - Refuse To Collude With Your Own Oppression

By:Katherine Manaan

Middle Aged Woman Talking

Sunday, July 22nd
26 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

Spirituality in people form is humanity. When I see my beloved humanity, my tribe, my planet, being trampled on in ways too numerous to count, I become appropriately angry. Love contains all; my anger is the anger born out of love, when I see the unfair, the unjust, the flat-out wrong I will do what I can to correct it. 

The other day a woman who considers herself quite “spiritual,” quite “evolved,” told me that my involvement in the world, my passion for women as a tribe, humanity in general, and the environment, was not spiritual. This is not the first time I have heard this concept bandied around and personally I think its utter bullshit and comes out the mouths of people who use their spirituality to separate themselves from the world, and their sense of utter and complete powerlessness to change it. I am intimate with the sense of utter and complete powerlessness but I also know as a woman of the Wyrd that everything contains its opposite and if I stay with the feeling, accept and contain it, it will take me directly onto the path of power and subsequent right action.

Spirituality is the bedrock out which my belief systems grow. Ever evolving and deepening, my spirituality infuses my politics, my political beliefs, and my political actions. As an American I am a member of a democracy, a system of governance wherein all people ostensibly have an equal say in their governing. I say ostensibly because this is clearly no longer true. Life has never been more unfair and when people look me and say somewhat smuggly, 'well life isn't fair Kat,' I snap back, 'it can be a lot fairer.' You see my spirituality has no tolerance for bullies, liars, and bigots. I recognize their right to exist but I will never accept their right to determine the kind of world in which I live because that world is the antithesis of everything that is humane. A life without confrontation is not more spiritual; it is a life that colludes with its own oppression.


Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan