Happy Birthday Lucy Stone!

Posted by: Sam Aurilia

Happy Birthday, Lucy Stone!

Happy birthday to suffragist, orator, and abolitionist, Lucy Stone! Stone was born August 13, 1818 in Massachusetts, where, despite her father’s wishes, she would eventually become the first woman in the state to earn a college degree. While working towards her degree, Stone took up a teaching job where she fought for and won equal pay for herself and her female colleagues—a right we are still fighting for today, over one hundred years later! In what she is perhaps most recognized for, Stone continued to blaze the trail for women’s rights when she decided to keep her surname after marriage.

Stone helped launch the National Woman’s Rights Convention, and would help organize many of the following conventions. She joined Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to help create the Equal Rights Association. Stone would later split from Anthony and Stanton and form the AWSA, the American Woman Suffrage Association. She then toured the country to gain support for women’s suffrage on the state level.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton regarded Stone as“the first person by whom the heart of the American public was deeply stirred on the woman question."Lucy Stone’s legacy lives on today as we continue the fight for equality. Thank Lucy Stone for her contributions to women’s suffrage and help us continue our fight for gender equality by taking the pledge to vote! 

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