ERA Project Is Looking For Interns

By: Alaina LaTourette

ERA Project is looking for a few hard-working, true believers in equal rights for women willing to intern/volunteer and who can devote time to a serious link-building effort over the next 30 days. Can you please help? If not, do you know someone who can?

What they need:
• 3 interns to do social media outreach to organizations (in particular to our partner orgs under the NCWA umbrella & all women's commissions)
• 2 additional tech-savvy interns who can also answer questions and troubleshoot for the team.
• Someone to help update the website, adding reciprocal links, as well as posting updates and news.

Please contact ERA Project at Subject line: Attention Angela Grillo if know whether you or someone you know are willing to work on this, how many hours you can donate of your/their time. And while they unfortunately can't offer any money to the volunteers/interns, they will receive on-screen credit in the final film for their help.