Creative Women Share Talents and Rally the Troops

We've received a couple of wonderful creations this last week and wanted to share them with everyone.

The first is a lovely song created by Dogwood Daughter called We Are Woman. You can hear her other music HERE.

Thank you Martha Maria aka Dogwood Daughter!
She also created a song that is used in the Rock the Slut Vote Music Video. Click HERE to see it.

We've also received this very creative video from Concerned Uteruses of America. Trixie ConQueso said, "A homemade video from NM in support of the cause! It is a response to the FREAKY Laws Against LadyParts from the GOP. - hope this video will be something that rallies the troops!"

Thank you New Mexico!

We love receiving anything creative from you. If you have video, music or artwork that are related to women's issues or the August 18th march please send them to: and we'll be more than happy to share!